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Can we achieve peace?

This question stands in the minds and hearts of millions of people from around the world. And, while considering that never before have we had such a capacity for violence we can also acknowledge that never before has our humanity been more prone, active and capable to act for peace.  

Thousands of young people of all ages have joined the inspirational journeys of Travel for Peace returning from their trips enriched with profound experiences and with a strong desire to become involved in concrete peacebuilding actions. Many others in Norway and around the world are driven towards the same wish to act for change.

see the world with new eyesActive for Peace, an international club for young people, regardless of age, who are concerned with peace, human rights and multicultural understanding aims at sharing with young people of all ages the belief that their attitudes and behaviors are decisive in resolving conflicts and waging peace. Conflicts are normal but can be transformed away from violence into creative action. Through creating a web portal with news, examples, resources, discussions and tools for peace work we hope to channel people’s energies and inspiration to enhance knowledge, capacities and possibilities for active peace building. This portal will also contain information about our other activities such as the on-line training courses done in cooperation with TRANSCEND Peace University, the training courses done at our Peace House in Risør, the thematic travels focusing on peace education and the developments of our Gandhi Library.

We welcome you to our website and in our common work to create a more peaceful and equitable world!

VISITADR: Peace House, Kranvn 4B, POSTADRESSE: Postboks 19, N-4951 RISØR, TEL: 37 15 39 00 MOB: 95 23 81 99 FAX: 37 15 43 58
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